Certified and Safe Solutions!
Certified and Safe Solutions!

Clean surfaces, combat germs, conquer illness

it’s our mission, mandate and promise!

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of non-toxic cleaning products, we offer quality solutions made to clean, sanitize and disinfect contaminated surfaces in board environments.

A clean environment affects the safety and productivity of workers and the success of your company. That’s why maintaining virus-free surfaces is a must. Your post-pandemic goal is to stay at the top of your industry and increase your success. And we are here to help you!

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Certified & Quality Supplies!


Leader in Cleaning,
Sanitizing & Disinfacting

Now, we are the leading Canadian manufacturer of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting solutions for residential and commercial use.

We Practice What We Preach!

Environmental Sustainability

We take pride in being a Canadian-based product company, committed to producing and providing customers with genuinely safe, eco-friendly and...

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Cleaning Program

Combat germs. Disinfect surfaces. Conquer illnesses. It’s our mission, not just during a pandemic. We use our signature UpMaid environmentally-friendly,...

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Infection, Prevention & Control

Government and health authorities have been advising everyone on this since the coronavirus pandemic hit the world in March 2020....

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